TREASURY and Spend Management for

Global Non-Profits.

AidBanc empowers NGOs with treasury and spend management tools to seamlessly disburse aid in an increasingly cashless world.

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Who we are

The treasury and spend management platform for global non-profits.

Simplified Financial Ops

Centralized control of global funds from one account with zero exposure to local forex risk.

Global Payments

Flexibility to make payments to bank accounts, to mobile wallets, or for cash pick-up in 175 countries.

Centralized Banking

Improve your cashflow and centralized funds in one corporate treasury account.

Data Integrity

Real-time global visibility of expenses and financial position from one dashboard.
What's the problem?

NGO financial operations are complex, rely on a myriad of banking systems, and are inadvertently susceptible to fraud.

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Leakage of Funds

Quarterly budgets kept in emerging countries are susceptible to FX risk and last mile payments made in cash are susceptible to fraud.


Lack of Visibility

Millions of dollars are kept in banks across the world, many of which cannot report balances or transactions in real-time.


Inefficient and Manual

Complex, international financial operations lead to inefficient processes of exporting reports, building pivot tables, and manually reconciling to ERP & accounting systems.

AidBanc Solution

Manage your global financial operations in real-time from a single account.

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AidBanc Features


Give vendors, partners, and employees the flexibility on how they want to be paid. Make local payments to their bank account, mobile wallet or cash in 175 countries.

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Import budgets from your ERP system or create your own budgets with a few clicks. Assign approved budgets to local and international execution partners.

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Get a real-time view of your global financial position from a single dashboard. Upload receipts and track transactions across your enterprise in real-time and automatically reconcile into your ERP or accounting system.

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Mobile Wallet

Send payments to mobile wallets. Enable your employees and partners to make micropayments from their wallets. Approve fund request from employees or partners then track wallet spending.

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ERP Integrations

Pull existing budgets from your ERP tool and set up permissions on who can spend within each budget. As spend transactions are made, they automatically reconcile back to your ERP and accounting systems

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